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Resolution: 1920x1080

Black and white

Directed by Hakeem b — motion design

Sound design : Hakeem b

RT : 10.512 frames in loop

© Hakeem b 2015 | courtesy Hakeem b

#0—W3 is a short minimalist audiovisual work that is part of a global project titled MONOBLOC. The goal is to produce some shorts videos that are reflecting the state of the world in the beginning of the 21 century.  As our capitalistic world and system #0—W3 is visually aggressive, noisy and complex.


Question : Is the allegory of Plato's cave a weapon of mass destruction ?

ONCE UPON A TIME — Installation video

Resolution : 1920 x 1080  — FULL HD

one monitor + computer + speakers

directed and performed with motion capture system.

Sound : Hakeem b

RT |  5760 frames | in loop

© Le Fresnoy | Hakeem b 2007

Distribution & Festivals: Natalia Trebik ntrebik@lefresnoy.net


© Hakeem b 2007 | courtesy Hakeem b

What’s humanity running after? Here is the question. And yet this question will follow each of us until our death. Humanity runs with its arms streched out as wide as possible to catch what she’s running after. And this in spite of the obstacles that get in the way, the physical amd moral falls. Then it gets up and follows its path with the feeling that this time is the right one...

A sentimental and empty exaltation towards the mind. An outsized ambition which may lead to genius or to pure ans simple madness. So why not to make of this unstable balance a metaphor of the uncomfortable position of the humanity faced with its own destiny.

And the story begins...Once Upon A Time...


Resolution: 1280x720

Black and white

Directed by Hakeem b

Sound design : Hakeem b

RT : 7200 frames in loop

© Hakeem b 2010 | courtesy Hakeem b

After several perigrenations in such different worlds, my character finds himself there, in an unknown city, a city "skeleton", purified. In this new stage of work, I ask the question: What juxtaposition can be made between the structure formal of a body (when it is taken as a sculpture) and an architectural form? Can the body replace the city or any other environment that presupposes a construction?

Wanted as a transition in my work, City feeds on a system of lines that invade the screen to build an architecture and a clean urban atmosphere. Linked to the image, the sound taken as a structure in its own right, balances the whole. City announces the erasure of the character Hakeem b to give way to new bodies, new structures.


Resolution : 1920 x 1080  — FULL HD

one monitor + computer + speakers

directed and performed by Hakeem b

Sound : Hakeem b

RT |  8200 frames | in loop

© Le Fresnoy | Hakeem b 2006

Distribution & Festivals: Natalia Trebik ntrebik@lefresnoy.net


© Hakeem b 2006 | courtesy Hakeem b

Thank you for all is an ironic piece based on the glamorous illusions that spring from our society. Thank you for all toys with our desires, our fantasis, onty to bring us swiftly back to reality, to the difficulties we face daily. The installations questions the place given to individuals in Occidental societies, and the price we have to pay for «the dream to come true».

TOMORROW AGAIN — Installation video

Resolution : 1280 x 720 — FULL HD

directed by Hakeem b

Sound : Hakeem b

RT | 7200 frames | in loop

© Casa Velasquez | Hakeem b 2007

Courtesy Hakeem b

© Hakeem b 2007 | courtesy Hakeem b

At the dawn of the nineteenth century the peasants left their rural lands to

take refuge in cities in search of work and double the population of cities,

especially in Paris. 50 years later, these new urban workers

found the excluded of these same cities. The city did not feed them anymore,

they have become alone and abandoned, far from the center, far from urban activity, crammed into dormitory cities. The video installation speaks of the city, its ground, its inhabitants called commonly "commuters" or "neighborhood guys" whose expectation and plural loneliness resembles that of those same peasants as the painter Jean-François Millet painted in 1860, abandoning their campaign.



Hakeem b lives and works between Paris, Lyon & Berlin.


He graduated from the Superior National Fine Arts School of Dijon and Le Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Art). Hakeem b leads his research with videographic medium, passing through illustration and graphic design. His themes are politics, electronics and aesthetics.


Hakeem b was represented in Spain by C5Coleccion gallery, in France by Schirman de Beaucé gallery, and in Norway by Gad gallery. Since 2007 Hakeem b is the founder of the graphic design studio: NEUEFORM




Casa Velasquez Award 2006 | Madrid l SPAIN

Casa Velasquez resident from 2007 to 2008 | Madrid | SPAIN

Resident at La Cité Internationale des Arts from 2009 to 2012 | Paris | FRANCE

Resident at KünstlerHaus Schloss Balmoral 2012 | Bad Ems | GERMANY

Sea Symposium Award 2010 | Alexandria | EGYPT

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